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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest Project #2...

I've been wanting to make a wreath to go above the TV since we moved in...that was almost 2 years ago. There's a hook there and after the Christmas wreath comes down it just sits vacant for the next 11 months. So why not start with a 8 for {B}'s big 4th birthday! The theme this year is *surprise* Cars...shocking, I know! The pin I took this from used a 14inch wreath and I didn't pay attention when I went to Michael's and bought an 18in wreath. It was SUPER easy and went really quick once you got it going.
18inch straw wreath with plastic still on
about 225 balloons (I used three different colors)
about 225 florist greening pins


Karli said...

super cute! Take one that's further away so we can see it in the room. Love the idea-thanks for sharing!