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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Dinner...

Christmas dinner was great...there is nothing better than Grandma Geri's ham, Linda's rolls, and Mom's dessert! I hadn't seen Brycen since Cassie's graduation this spring and I can't believe how big he's gotten. I couldn't put the camera down!!

Christmas Morning...

The boys were so much fun Christmas morning. Tim gave Mom and I specific instructions not to be late. When we showed up at 8 the boys were still sound asleep in bed. Jen and I went in to wake them up, and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I thought they would just need one mention of Santa and they'd be up, but they must have stayed up late the night before.
Tim didn’t get quite the reaction he was hoping for from the boys when they saw their bikes (I think that was in large part to them having been woken up!)

After checking out their bikes they didn’t waste anytime ripping into presents. Mason was meticulous at getting every piece of paper off of his presents before he went on to the next. Kaden stopped to play with each gift after he opened it. They got more and more excited with each gift as they started to wake up!

After breakfast Tim and Mason went out to try out his bike. I am so impressed with these boys! They are 3 and 4 years old and are riding bikes with out training wheels! The snow was pretty hard to ride on though and after he wiped out a few times he decided to call it quits for the morning

When we were all together at Thanksgiving Jen had mentioned that she won’t let the boys have play-doh because she’s afraid of the mess. So when Mom and I went shopping on Black Friday we picked up some games that were on sale for Jen to give to the boys. It just so happened that they were bonus packs and each game included 3 mini size play-doh’s. Mom offered to wrap them for Jen so there wouldn’t be any chance of the play-doh being removed. She was just as surprised as the boys to see the play-doh when they unwrapped their games!! So before we left we had to sit down at the table and show the boys just how much fun Play-doh really is!!

Christmas Week...

This year has been the hardest when it comes to finding a time for everyone for Christmas. Justin had to work Sunday through Wednesday and I had to work Sunday and Christmas Eve. We started Sunday night with JD, Amy, and Maddie. Christmas Eve, after work, we headed over to Ma and Pa’s (Justin’s Parents) to exchange gifts with them and spend some time with Jesse and Jori since they had come from Idaho Falls. Christmas morning Justin went off to work, and I headed to Tim’s house to watch his boys open presents. That afternoon we had dinner out in Nyssa at Aunt Linda’s house. I left just as Justin was leaving Micron so I could meet him at home with some dinner. We waited until Friday to have Christmas with Mom and Grandma, because I had to go back to work Wednesday and Thursday. We finished out our Christmas week with dinner Saturday night with Dad.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve...

Sunday night we had the annual Harris Family party complete with dinner, nativity, a visit from Santa, and gifts. Each year the Harris Family gets bigger and bigger...Here's the number of branches on Grandma and Grandpa Harris' family tree this year (including spouses---since we're all in this for eternity)
14 Kids
50 Grandkids
25 Great Grandkids (and 2 on the way...that I know of)
Justin and I were a little late because we had to work. I got there just in time for the nativity, acted out by all of the great grandkids and few select, and very willing, grandsons to play wisemen.
Here our three of our Angels!

After the Nativity, complete with songs, Santa came by for a visit and brought a present for each of the Great Grandkids. Here are the six that belong to our family.
We had JD & Amy's family for gifts this year. Since Justin had to work Christmas Day, we decided to let them open them on Sunday...Surprise...they're blankets! :) One more year and everyone will have a famous blanket...(Jesse & Jori....act surprised!!)