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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aquarium (aka Guys Heaven)...

Today we spent the afternoon in Stanley Park at the Aquarium. The boys were in HEAVEN! and I had a pretty good time too! ;) They have some great ideas now for what coral they want to get for their tanks. They had a 4-D showing of Planet Earth Shallow Seas. It was very similar to the 4-D movie's you see at Disneyland with the air and water blowing at you. The guys had already watched that segment at home and said it was much better in 4-D.

Sharon made a fantastic pork tenderloin for dinner...I'm going to copy the recipe so you can make it for us mom :) Tomorrow we're thinking maybe Science World.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Vancouver...

Here we are! After two not-so-fun flights (although they weren't nearly as bad as they could have been) we made it to Vancouver! There was no beverage service on either flight because of the turbulence...and I was so looking forward to finally have Coke products back on our flights!
After riding the Canada Line and the Seabus to North Vancouver we met up with Sharon and Jess at work and then went to get our rental car. A spicy red Dodge Charger. :) Then off to Metrotown for some window shopping ---yes mom, window shopping---while Jess had a job interview. We found some FANTASTIC caramel corn...mmm...eating that now!
Jess brought some lollies from New Zealand with her. The Pineapple Lumps were SO good. A pineapple marshmallow-ey center covered in New Zealand chocolate..mmm. Jess just had one Jaffa left so she cut it in half to share with Justin so he could try it...even though she didn't really want to. ;)
I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow yet...but I'm sure it will be full of fun!

Saturday with Faith...

Saturday we got watch Faith while Tim tried to finish his garden, Jen worked, and my mom went shopping. We spent some time at Jacque's house playing with Kate and Ty outside while Jacque and I got started weeding her garden. Let's just say she was pretty dirty by the time we were done.
She got to show us her skills on the Ukulele at the music store while we ran some errands too. Don't you think grandma should buy Faith this fantastic pink Ukulele?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah's Surgery...

Sarah fell off the slide in her backyard on Monday and broke her arm! She had to have surgery Wednesday morning to have 3 pins put in. (I should have had Julie scan the x-ray so I could post it!) I remember when I was a kid coming home from the hospital for surgery's and stuff people would always bring get-well gifts...so I had to go out and get Sarah some fun stuff. She was still pretty out of it when we got there but she said it didn't hurt. She gets to go in next week to get a hot pink cast. :)
When Julie was talking to her earlier in the week telling her she would be asleep during the surgery, Sarah said "but I don't sleep during the day." Julie had to explain they would give her some great medicine to help her sleep. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Teeth...

Did you know dogs loose their baby teeth just like people?
Yep, they do.
Stella lost this one last night.
Justin found it on the kitchen floor.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Blocks Game...

Tuesday night we were on the computer waiting for Janeen and making sure everything was working when Timmy came in and asked to play the "big blocks game." With a little help from Emma we found the game he wanted and he was really good...when Justin would let him play. Justin got a little into the "big blocks game" and kind of took over for Timmy. Luckily Timmy was content to sit and watch Justin figure play so there were no tantrums thrown when he didn't get his turn.
I couldn't complete the posts tonight with out a fantastic picture of Maddie. :)

Birthday Cake...

Tuesday night we had a little combined birthday party for Justin's parents complete with BBQ, presents, and CAKE...lots and lots of CAKE!
We got Justin's parents a web cam so they could see the far-away grand kids. We went over Monday to get it installed and downloaded Skype so we could have Janeen call us Tuesday night for the party. They didn't get to talk long...but I think it will get plenty of use.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where Did My Puppy Go?...

I'm not sure what happened...One day my puppy was a puppy...now she's a dog! She's hit the 30lb mark and just keeps growing!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Faith Turns Two!...

Saturday, March 13 we had a fantastic Dora birthday party for Faith's second birthday. She got all kinds of Dora presents...dolls, a phone, and a new bed set to *hopefully* get her sleeping in her own bed!
And of course her dad couldn't pass up a Dora fishing pole for his girl! I'm not sure who's happier...Tim, that she has a fishing pole...or Faith that her fishing pole has Dora on it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whistle Pigs...

This is not a post for the squeamish or PETA members! Read on at your own risk!
What do you do with a sunny Saturday afternoon? Load up the truck and go shootin'!

Jesse is in town from Idaho Falls and we went out to Sand Hollow for a few hours to shoot whistle pigs. Since our last trip out shooting I had borrowed Tim's gun so I had my own this time! JD and I walked around for a bit and took a shot at a few, but we weren't successful...those lucky buggers!

Stella came with us too. We were anxious to see how she would do around the louder guns while the guys were shooting the target. They didn't phase her at all! You'd think she was a hunting dog!
JD and Josh fired a few rounds with JD and Jesse's handguns.
Michael caught this guy right in front of the truck. He had just refilled my clip, turned around and there he was!
I think we'll wait another month or so before going out again...maybe when it's a little bit warmer...for longer...watch out!