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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sarah's Second Play Day...

We ran into Julie on Friday at Winco and the kids asked who's turn it was to come over. With that we decided it was time to start up the play day again. Sarah came over after Jacque and I got done with Activity Days and the first thing she wanted to do was play High School Musical...although I'm starting to think she likes to watch the game more than actually playing the game.

I was hungry, so she didn't play High School Musical for long before I convinced her she wanted to make a pizza. Sarah loves cheese pizza!
Justin let her help make our pizza too. She was ripping up the basil to go on the top of my pizza.
Sarah would take a bite of pizza, a drink of root beer, and then wipe her mouth with her napkin. She's such a funny kid!!
After dinner she wanted to play more games. Justin said on Thursday when she was over during piano lessons she wanted to play Pooh Candyland, but he said no, so the first game she picked....Pooh Candyland!
After Candyland we had a game of Connect 4, and finally Guess Who...She had to get a little help for Guess Who from us, so there aren't any pictures of that game!
Before she could go home she said she had to do "one more thing" with that she ran into our room and jumped on the bed. Then she wanted to have a pillow fight. After the pillow fight she was finally ready to go home.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Saturday...

Justin and I had to work Easter Sunday so we had Easter Saturday instead with Jen, Tim & their kids at Mom's house. The boys had a lot of fun hunting Easter eggs, and Mason insisted they take them home!

Mom got them hats instead of baskets. I love when they sit together like they're best friends!!

They had as much fun playing with the grass as they did hunting Easter eggs. They're pretty silly kids!

Easter Faith...

Jumping Rope...

Saturday after all of our Easter festivities were over we took the boys out to teach them how to jump rope. I didn't think they would be as interested in it as they were. We finally had to convince them to go back inside!

We were able to get them to jump together a couple of times, I don't think they ever made two jumps in a row jumping together.
Tim and a fun time jumping in with Kaden. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared with how high Tim would jump so every picture he's in has his head cut off...Sorry Tim!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Faith's First Photo Shoot...

We met Tim & Jen at mom's for dinner tonight for a little photo shoot. Justin and I had picked these wings up in Sun Valley to take pictures of Maddie.
Tim was so proud that he had dressed Faith today, he had to let everyone know he picked out the entire outfit, shoes and all!

Tim keeps telling us not to teach her bad habits. he doesn't want her to cry, but she seems to be catching on to that on her own.

Faith has more I Love Daddy clothes than any kid I've seen! Sorry Jen!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Faith Marie Newman...

Here's the newest addition to our family. My brother, Tim, and his wife, Jen, had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. She was born by C-section about 10:30 am. She weighed in at 6lbs 13oz and was 18 inches long. The first thing I asked Tim when we got there was if he cried...of course he said no, but he couldn't look me in the eye either! We all know the truth!

Of course, you can't post baby pictures without at least one shot of their tiny feet!
Tim kept saying, don't teach her bad habits, I don't want her to cry. I talked to my mom after she went over on her lunch today, and she said Faith cryed almost the whole time she was there....Sorry Tim!
She has tons of dark hair, she definitely doesn't take after Tim in that! Tim didn't get any hair until he was 2.

Right before we left, Jen's mom brought the boys by. Mason was more excited about the baby than Kaden. Kaden was more concerned with mom. After they held her for a few minutes we asked them if they were done, Kaden said yes, and Mason said no!
Jen's was pretty excited about this small baby. She was really hoping she would be small like Tim. She had both Kaden and Mason naturally, Kaden was 8 lbs and Mason was 10lbs.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Future Pianists...

Timmy and Maddie love playing Grandma's piano. It won't be long before they're starting piano lesson's from Uncle Justin.

Another Friday Night at the Law's...

Almost every weekend, either Friday night or Saturday night, the Law family gets together for Pizza Night. Ma makes homemade pizza--made to order. The kids all run and scream all night long. Next week I'll try to get a picture of the table covered in pizza, there are usually at least 14 of us, with the kids, and we all LOVE ma's pizza!!

I can't get enough of this kid!!
Aunt Netta with Braden
Sarah must have thought it would be fun to help Aunt Amy change Braden's diaper.
There were whoppers robin's eggs on top of the entertainment center and Sarah could not get enough. When I saw her drag her little chair over I knew what was coming next. Amazingly enough, she didn't spill.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Playing Wii with Grandma Geri...

Mom and Grandma came over on Sunday, March 2nd and after we were done scrapbooking, while Mom made dinner, Grandma and I played Wii. She was really good, and I think she enjoyed it!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Night Out on the Town...

Jacque called this morning so excited because she was paying off her car today! YEAH!! So to celebrate we went to Boise tonight and walked around downtown. We tried to eat at P.F. Chang's but without reservations it was an hour and a half wait. Lucky for us, there was a brick oven pizzeria next door. The pizza was great, and the desserts were excellent. I can't remember when the last time was that the four of us got to go out on a date. Since Jared and Justin are on opposite shifts at Micron, they never have days off together, and Jared is usually either at school, work, or studying. I think we all agreed we need to find more time to get together.
Thanks for letting us go out with you guys tonight, we had a great time!!

Pillow Fight...

This week at Ma and Pa's house the excitement was the pillow fight. Emma, Alex, Sarah and Justin had an outrageous pillow fight. I was surprised Justin kept going!

The pillow fight ended with a dog pile on Justin. What a great Uncle!!