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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Picture Time...

A few weekends ago we took some family pictures in the back yard at my mom's house. They turned out pretty well for only taking 15 minutes or so! (Thanks Michael for taking the Family Pic!)
Jen started talking about getting a family picture of their family before Thanksgiving, but the weekends weren't working out to get it done. When she thought all hope was lost for a picture in her Christmas cards we found a weekend!
Jen and Tim were having a hard time thinking of something for Grandma Geri for Christmas so we took these pictures for her. (don't worry...she doesn't have a computer, let alone access to the internet!) Although I didn't think I would be able to figure out photoshop in time to put something like this together for her so she bought a 3-window frame.

A big thank you to Kara for helping with photoshop on this one with our mini email lessons!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Say Hello to Stella...

Here she is--Stella, our English Bulldog puppy--

After Tim brought home Sadie on Thanksgiving I couldn't wait any longer, we started the search for a puppy. It only took two and half weeks (we picked her up yesterday)

She's so tiny next to Lucy!

Faith loves puppies...all puppies...she walked around the dining room kissing each dog, even Lucy.

How can you not love these wrinkles!

Justin and Tim and their puppies! Sadie is 12 weeks, Stella is 6 weeks.

Happy Early Birthday...

Sunday we had an early birthday party for Jen. Her Birthday isn't until next weekend but this weekend was her turn with the boys. We ordered pizza unwrapped presents and ate cake! What more do you need?
The boys always have to help their mama unwrap presents!
We were a few candles short...and she still missed one ;)
Happy Birthday Jen!

We Love Portland...

What do we love about Portland? The one hour flight to get there. The MAX that takes you anywhere you want to go for one low price. The Biggest Christmas Craft Bazaar with over 1500 vendors. IKEA. All together with a fantastic friend...
and my awesome mom!
We flew over Saturday morning (December 5th) and spent the day walking and shopping through the Expo Center. We even finished with some Christmas presents (and a few things for ourselves!) After the Christmas Craft Bazaar we took the MAX to IKEA. My mom and Jacque hadn't ever been, so we had fun looking at EVERYTHING. When we got done at IKEA we weren't looking forward to taking the MAX back to the airport to call the hotel for our shuttle so we took a chance and called to see if the shuttle would pick us up at IKEA. Not only did they do that, but he stoped at a frozen yogurt shop for us so we could get some dessert! We will definitely stay there again! Sunday morning we got up and had probably the best continental breakfast I have ever had with great waffles. We got to the airport in time for the 1150am flight home...the only problem...I was the only one who made the flight. So we stayed together and sought alternate routes home. We took a 2p flight to Spokane and had a few hours to kill there. (by the way, there is nothing to do in the Horizon terminal in Spokane!) We spent our free time in Spokane eating pizza and playing 10,000 Aces. Finally getting home at 9p. It was a great weekend!

Can't wait until next year!