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Monday, January 26, 2009

Old School TV...

We are so slow at work tonight we have compiled a list of some of our favorite shows from when we were in grade school/middle school...here's what we've come up with...feel free to leave a comment if your favorite show was not included!

Clarissa Explains it All
Fraggle Rock
Tiny Tunes
Salute Your Shorts
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
The Secret World of Alex Mack
You Can't Do That on Television
Punky Brewster
Darkwing Duck
Duck Tales
Ghost Writer
Ren & Stimpy
Inspector Gadget
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Saved By the Bell
Full House
Kids Incorporated

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lights Out...

Last night Jared & Jacque came over to watch Miss America since Jared's cousin, Kayla, was Miss Utah. She didn't make it into the top 15 but it was fun to watch her for the last few weeks on Countdown to the Crown. After the Miss America pageant was over we watched a little 17 Kids and Counting and just as we were getting done, about 11:30, the power went out. So we decided to play a game of Hand and Foot, by the light of a flashlight, while we waited for the power to turn back on. By the time our game was over (a little after 1 am) we decided to call it a night.
I offered to light the candles hanging on each side of the mirror so we'd have a little more light, but Jacque said no...She was sure she'd catch her hair on fire! (and she might just kill me for posting this picture!)

And in case you're wondering, the power didn't come back on until 4a...(when we called at 1a, Idaho power said it was supposed to be restored by 2a). We wouldn't have noticed, but we had forgotten to switch the light on the fish tank to off, so Justin woke up when the power came back.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The hardest things...

This is a post from Justin and it is while he is very emotional, so feel free to skip if you would like!!

Isn't it amazing how the hardest things in life are really the greatest. These little boys came into our lives and have taught us so much. I am truly grateful for the week we have had with them. It has definitely been one of the hardest weeks of my life. I can finally understand some of the feelings it is to be a parent. The feeling of being completely exhausted, being proud of the decisions your child makes, helping them understand making good choices, and the feeling of teaching them important aspects of life.

This week has been so amazing for me. These two little boys changed very quickly. They are now more respectful and have manners. This week they learned to say "excuse me", "please", "thank you", and "sorry". They enjoyed the routines and structure within our home. They learned the importance of family time and family prayer, and in fact reminded me one night when I was soooo tired, that I had forgotten family prayer at bed time.

These boys have truly touched my life. How wonderful it is that we were able to be a small part in theirs. I just thought I would share some of my favorite things they said.

{B}- "Daddy..... I Love You"
{J}- "Doesn't it feel good to come home to a clean house?"
{B}- "Will you please be the tickley monster again?"
{J}- "Daddy, Why do your movies have ages on them?"

I will never forget how proud they were to wake up to dry underwear after we started the "Boys Who Don't Wet the Bed" club. They will definitely be missed in our home, but I know they are loving being with their mom. We will have others come into our home, and I look forward to the challenges and love they will bring.

We are truly blessed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And as Quick as They Came, They Went...

The boys' parents had their shelter care hearing today and the judge decided they could go back home. So Justin had an hour to get all their stuff together and let them know, and since I was already at work I had to tell the boys good-bye over the phone, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially telling {B} good-bye since he was starting to cry.
I don't think we could have asked for better kids for our first placement. They had their share of time-outs and a couple of tantrums, but all-in-all they were great. They caught on to the house rules pretty quick and were getting much better about good words versus bad words.
We will definitely miss them.

Our official foster care stats:

Kids: 2
Length of Stay: 7 days

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet the Kiddos Wii Party...

After we picked my mom up from the airport this afternoon, Tim and Jen and the kids came over to meet the boys, have some pizza and play a little Wii.
The boys have been trying to ride this little toy plane so we sent it home with Faith to use until we needed it back or Faith grows out of it.

Kaden is great at video games and can hold his own against the adults
Tim and Jen had to play one last game of Bowling by themselves because Jen beat him the first two games they played with the kids. (She let him win the last one)
Mason caught on toward the end but his attention span got the best of him and half way through his 10 frames {J} took over his game. (I know I can't beleive I didn't get more pictures of our boys)
{B} and Justin watching Underdog...originally I was hoping all four little boys would end up in here with the movie, but {B}'s the only one who finished the movie.

Story Time...

Since our first night we have made story time a part of our bedtime routine. Friday night we read the Poky Little Puppy and they have asked for it every night since!

Happy Birthday JD...

Friday night we got together at Justin's mom's house for JD's birthday party. JD LOVES chocolate more than any person (women included) I know! So we found a HUGE bag of chocolate chips at Costco for his birthday. Jesse, Jori, Teagen, Janeen and Brent drove home from Idaho Falls just to surprise JD for his birthday. I think it might have been his favorite gift.
JD got a Charger/Engine Started and was pretending to "jump" the kids. Maddie thought it was so funny, but Sarah freaked out!

Netta gave Sarah rides down the stairs in JD's box.

Flat Emma...

Our niece Emma had a Flat Stanley segment at school and she made a Flat Emma. She sent us Flat Emma a couple of months ago and we've finally had somewhere to take her so here she is in:

Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas...

A week ago Monday (I can't believe it's only been a week!) we took our last impromptu trip...to Las Vegas with our good friends Jared and Jacque. I can't believe I've worked at Alaska for five years and this is our first trip together with the four of us! We took a 10am flight through Portland to Vegas and got in about 330. We checked into Planet Hollywood and had an AMAZING buffet dinner there...YUM!!

We headed down the strip to the Venetian for a 700 show of Phantom of the Oprah...It was awesome...the theater, the set, the costumes, the special effects it was all so over the top! I would definitely do it again!Then we ran, yep ran, over to the Mirage for a 930 LOVE show by Cirque. Justin's cousin Maggie is in the show and it was also fantastic. Maggie took us for a tour around backstage after the show. It was much bigger than the show in Florida...I want to go back and see this one again because there was so much going on that you couldn't see it all.

Jared and Jacque & Justin and I had to try out the jumping pictures...so all you photographers...what should I have done differently so they weren't so blurry?

Here's to another trip...Hopefully soon with our great friends!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

{J} and {B}...

Before we get started...I'm sure this post jumps around from one topic to another, never fully addressing anything specific...so read on at your own risk.
Okay...I've had several requests for some pictures so here are the only two have uploaded so far...I'm sure I'll get more as the week goes on. {J} is the taller one on the left (closest to Justin) and {B} is shorter-and younger-with lighter hair. My mom took the first one Thursday night right before we left her house.
Coloring on Friday...

We don't know yet how long we'll have the boys, we should know more after Tuesday. So far they have not been too bad. It's amazing to me the little things that our nieces and nephews and friends kids just know that we're having to work on. We noticed the first night when we had dinner at my mom's house that they didn't know how to sit still at the table, they were up and running around the kitchen between bites, so that's something we've had to work on at every meal. Luckily bedtime has still been easy...and they sleep in until at least 845, which for me is GREAT!

Church was a bit of a struggle today because I'm not sure they've EVER sat still for that long. We went with them to Primary, both to Sharing Time and to their class. We stuck them both in the CTR 6 class because Jared and Jacque are the teachers. Next week I think we will have them go to class by themselves, because I think we may have been a distraction.

I have to say...they wear me out! I'm getting more sleep now that I was before they came, but I'm tired! I totally feel for all you mom's out there!! Oh..and another thing...I've never been so happy to go to work! I've had so much fun with the boys...but man I have never been more grateful for adult conversation and to be surrounded by adults!! With that in mind I was still pretty excited to go home last night and check on them and tuck them back into their beds!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our First Placement...

Around 230p today we got our first call from Health and Welfare that they had kids who needed us! Justin's heart was beating out of his chest as the social worker was giving him the details. Then I get a text and simultaneous email at work that only says...Call Me...hmm...now my hearts going crazy! I called Justin and I didn't believe him at first, I should have know he wouldn't mess with me on something this important!! I went back to my desk and had to tell everyone and my wonderful STL Katie told me to get out of there so I could go with Justin to pick them up. Oh...I guess you're probably wondering how old they are and stuff. We got two boys...brothers {J} is 6 years old and {B} is 5 years old. *For their privacy and safety, I won't be posting their names* So far they've been great. We haven't had any tantrums or cries for mom or dad. This is their first time in foster care and they've both had really positive comments about foster care being a lot of fun. Bedtime was a breeze...but I'm not holding my breath that things will continue without a hitch!

Friday, January 9, 2009

We're Licensed!!!

It's official...We are licensed foster parents...Now we just have to wait for the call...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My mom saved some of the dresses that she had my pictures taken in. We were going through them before Faith was born laughing at them and decided we'd have to put them on Faith at the same age that I wore them and take some pictures...So here are the first two dresses.
3 Months


9 Months

When Jen (Faith's Mom) saw these pictures she was a little sad and said "my little girl doesn't look anything like me!" It's true...Faith looks like a Newman 100%!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Foster Care Licensing...

We are getting so close! Our home inspection went great on Wednesday! We just have to email our answers to our last set of home study questions back to our licensing worker and we should officially be a licensed foster care home by Friday!!

Faith's First Christmas...

Faith was a lot of fun for Christmas and I think the first picture is my favorite.

Newman Christmas...

Newman Christmas was full of food and presents. We had fantastic soup and sandwiches for dinner and cheesecake for dessert. The boys were a lot of fun and I think Faith had a great first Christmas. I may have taken too many pictures of Faith...so it looks like there will have to be a Faith's First Christmas post too.
Our Christmas Stockings
Faith tasted everything in her stocking
Tim forgot a present from Mason to Jen when he wrapped all the presents at Mom's house. Apparently Mason broke Jen's mirror so he was pretty excited to get her a new one.
Mom put together a collage of pictures for Grandma Geri full of pictures of Grandma and Faith
With this little heater I might reconsider tent camping this summer!
Mason is a great present un-wrapper, but has a hard time waiting for his presents, I guess that's normal for a four-year-old
Wii Fit...I LOVE it!!! I've played every day since Monday!!
Faith digging into Grandma Geri's present
The boys with their new fishing game
Jen and Tim bring Mom their memory cards when their camera's get full and haven't printed any pictures for quite a while so Mom printed Tim and Jen's pictures and burned all of their pictures on CD's.
The boys took turns helping Faith open her gifts
They all liked Faith's new top
Mom made Mason's night with Handy Manny