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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Any of you who know me well probably know I was not super excited that our newest placement was not one but TWO girls. I don't do girls very well, I think they're whiny and full of drama. Don't get me wrong, we were completely cool with taking them, maybe just a bit apprehensive because, well, we're just better with boys. I have a VERY low tolerance for whining and crying when it's not necessary (which is anytime you're not bleeding!) that's why I like boys, they're tough and can take just about anything. After spending two days with the girls so far I have to give myself a HUGE pat-on-the-back for not going crazy over the whining.

Our oldest {D} is a whiner through and through...she whines about everything...and I mean everything...if she wants ketchup for her fries she doesn't ask for ketchup, she whines for ketchup! We've slowly, over the last two days, shut down a little bit of the whining, in other words, she doesn't get what she asks for if she's whining, she has to ask like a "big girl." {M}, our younger one, is great...the complete opposite of her sister. She's so agreeable. If you ask her to do ANYTHING she just says "okay" and away she goes. And (a huge plus in my book) only cries when she's going to bed, and for less than 5 minutes, and she cries when she wakes up, but stops immediately once she's found me!!

Bedtime hasn't been nearly as easy with these guys as it was with the boys. The process is the same, but {D} cries for 10-20 minutes and has to get out of bed four times to go potty...and in my opinion you can't tell a 4-year-old she can't go potty or you're asking for an accident. So it's straight to the potty and straight back to bed. I'm hoping the number of times she gets up during the night will decrease with each day!

Sorry for the really lame post with no pictures...I'm staying with my mom while Justin and Michael are in Jackpot and didn't bring my camera, or my card reader, so I'll have to wait for my mom to send me pictures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

{D} & {M}...

We found out yesterday afternoon we were getting new kiddos...but I didn't want to post anything until we knew for sure and had them with us. They are sisters, {D} is 4 and {M} is 22 months. They had told us {M} was potty trained (and at the time we thought she had already had her 2nd birthday) but before we even left the Health and Welfare office she had an accident. They gave us a pull-up and a pair of PJ's and we headed to town. When we got home I gave them both a bath and her pull up was dry so I tried to go without again...yeah lasted less than 10 minutes before we could SMELL her through out the house...needless to say we'll probably be calling our caseworker tomorrow about some diapers! So here they are...

{M}...yes she's wearing boy pj's...it's all I had!
we had pizza for dinner and she kept licking the ranch off each piece after she dipped it...silly kid.

Foster Care Placement #2...

It's official... we have our next placement...two girls, 22 months and 4 years old...more coming soon...right now I'm trying to catch my breath and anxiously awaiting bed time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saturday night we went snowboarding for the first time EVER! Our friend Michael agreed to teach us and we invited Jennetta, Jared & Jacque along to laugh at us. Josh went up earlier in the day and stayed to ride once with Netta before he left. We spent most of our time on our first run on our rears. Originally I thought Michael could teach us both pretty easily...it wasn't until after we got off the chair lift that I realized it was more of a one-on-one job. So Michael and I ditched Justin and headed down the run (really we thought he was right behind us, but we didn't know Netta and Josh had left him too). Jared and Jacque helped Justin get started. Jacque took a couple of pictures on the first run with her phone.

Michael & Me

Jared & Justin
After the first run Justin's ankles were hurting and he took a break while Michael and I tried again. I did MUCH better on the second run, and then we headed to the lodge to find Justin and have some fries and a soda.
Justin, Netta & Jacque

Jared & Michael
Jacque & Jared
We did one more run after our break. I went with Jacque and Justin went with Michael. Then we let Michael, Jared, Jacque & Netta go down something other than the bunny hill while we headed to the car!!

Michael getting our boards ready for the drive home
and per your request...a picture of Justin & me.
After we got done we went to Merritt's (one of Boise's best dives) for scones, burgers, and milkshakes...Yummm...Can't beat that. And today, well I'm dieing...Michael was right.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Picture of Tanon...

We finally go to see Tanon today after he came home...he looks just like a Dombroski!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Arrival...

Tanon Ross Dombroski
was born this morning at 1:53 am.
He weighed in at 6lbs 10oz
He's in the NICU for some additional monitoring due to low blood sugar, but we are sure everything will be fine!
Julie is doing well, and they're at St. Luke's Meridian.
That makes 5 for the Dombroski family and 11 for our niece/nephew count!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day...

We had a little Fondue Valentine's Dinner with Josh and his girlfriend Sharalyn.

We tried to create a little Mona Lisa feel with the Christmas lights.

Josh and Sharalyn

Maddie's Make-shift Tub Time...

Grandma Jeannie found out why Maddie doesn't take baths in the sink anymore...She dumps water EVERYWHERE!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Braden Turns 1...

Thursday Braden turned 1-year-old! Pretty crazy to think he's already been around for a year!! JD & Amy had a big family bash...that I couldn't go to because I had to work...so Justin went and took 'boat-loads' of pictures...here are just a few.

How can you not love that big fat smile!

From what I'm told Braden wouldn't dig into the cake. He put his hand in the frosting and started to cry.
No post of the JD & Amy Law family is complete with out a few pics of Madison...
and her new little cousin Kaybree!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweetheart Dance...

Saturday, February 7th the Middleton Stake threw a Sweetheart dance for all of the adults. Jacque insisted that we go with her and Jared. Justin and I have NEVER been to a dance together and didn't dance at our wedding...we did take a swing dance class once upon a time...So you can see why we hesitated to go! We had dinner at Mongolian first then off to the stake center. Surprisingly we had a lot of fun, and got a little better at swing dancing. Enjoy some pictures...Yes, I posted more of Jaque and Jared than us because I had more of Jaque and Jared than us...and they were much better dancers!!

Jared-you can hate me for this one later, but for now...just laugh!
Showing off our swing dance 'skills'

Valentine's Day Boxes...

We're celebrating Valentine's Day at the office ~Old School~ with Valentine's boxes and grade school valentines!! Here are some of our crafty boxes!!
DeVonna & My boxes
Stacey's Box
Karen's Harley Davidson Box
Diana's Mailbox

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay...first of all...ignore the quality of the pictures. I didn't bring my camera to work and wanted to get a picture before I started stuffing envelopes.

Here are the invitations I finished tonight for Janeen's baby shower. They turned out way better than I had expected, and took half the time I planned. So, Janeen, here's your sneak peak!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Maddie's Hearing Test...

Another post from Justin.......I forgot my camera, so all the pics are from my phone. Sorry in advance for their quality!!

Today Maddie had another hearing test. This time she had to be sedated because she wouldn't sleep through it last time and she pulled all of her wires off. Amy asked me to go with her so she wouldn't be alone. How could uncle Justin pass up the opportunity to spend time with his niece and nephew?

The procedure was done at St. Luke's Hospital in downtown Boise because of the sedation. We got there ~10am and we had to go to the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. They had the room ready for her when we got there, but the Dr. wasn't ready yet. We walked around for a few minutes before they gave Maddie this little bear.

They gave her an oral sedative and Amy laid down on the bed with her to help her fall asleep. By ~11 she was out and they were able to start hooking her up.

It was weird to see them move her around without her waking up. Here she is with all of her wires on.

The procedure took until ~12:30. They discovered that she has mild hearing loss in her right ear, and they fitted her for a hearing aid while she was out.

Braden and I had a hard time being quiet. We walked around the PICU for a few minutes, but we didn't have the patience to stay in there. We went out and walked the fourth floor for about 45 mins. Here is Braden are after our walk, just hanging out, playing with a toy.

We got to the car about 12:45pm and were glad to be out of there. Maddie did excellent!! She even ate some chicken nuggets and fries on the way home!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No News...

In order to keep up my goal of once a week posts...here's an empty one! We're just waiting for our next foster care placement. Which seems like it's taking FOREVER! We were only licenced for six days before we got the boys, and it's been ten days since they left...I HATE waiting! We do NOT wait patiently! In the meantime, we've just been hanging out, cleaning off the DVR and relaxing!